Hi! I'm Chloee.
I am an intuitive empowerment coach.
I am on a mission to help women slow down, find inner peace, and release energetic blockages so they can be the creators, self-healers, and manifestors of their lives.
So, what exactly is energetic alignment, and how can it help you find inner peace? Simply put, energetic alignment is the process of bringing your mind, body, and spirit into harmony, so that you can access your full potential and live your best life. It involves identifying and releasing any negative or stuck energy that may be holding you back, and opening yourself up to the positive energy of the universe.
As a coach and healer, I use a variety of tools and techniques to help my clients achieve energetic alignment, including ancient Tao wisdom, frequencies, and soul healing color therapy. I use a unique approach which involves using specific colors and frequencies to activate the body's natural healing powers and release blockages.
What People Say
Chloee helped me through different personal challenges of fear and anxiety. She helped me ground myself to the present, forgive myself for my past, and deal with my fears and create my future. I recommend her to anyone who feels that they want to feel deeply heard and identify the roots of the problem before they actually go and solve it.
Tarun Gurnani

Chloee is a very engaging coach. She's so compassionate and empathtic that I don't feel vulnerable sharing my feelings and dreams with her. The way she actively listens and acknowledges what I say makes me feel very comfortable.
Wing Chung Yuen

Chloee's calm demeanor and easy temperament made coaching extremely comfortable. When I met her, I was trying to find my footing in a new field. She empowered me with a great mindset and enabled me to approach busines and personal life with a stress free attitude. I recommend Chloee to anyone looking to empower themselves in a journey towards their goals.
Sheerin Jaffer

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