Journey Back to You (the Divine You)

You are a Creator, a Self-Healer, and a Super Manifestor

Intuitive Empowerment Coaching Session (Exploration Call)

A 40 minute intuitive coaching session to reveal any energetic blockage and let's clear them to propel you forward.

1:1 Spiritual Psychology Coaching

12 weeks of 1:1 coaching

Journey Back to You (The Divine You) FB Group

A heart-centered community where we share, inspire, learn and grow together.

The Abundance Workshop

Experience Soul Healing Color Therapy

The Total Abundance Program

12 weeks of 1:1 deep clearing of energetic blockages to manifest more abundance in all aspects of your life.


A 40 minute session to experience Healy

I am an intuitive empowerment coach.
I help women slow down, get back into energetic alignment to access abundance with ease and flow.

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